A full-time student and Psychiatric Technician of a behavioral health mental hospital, Thomas Parker (20), writes computer code for fun in his spare time. He was assembling together what in his mind would create an artificial intelligence, when part way through the project decided to put his current progress to use and publish it. The result is this application, capable of classifying bits of data, linking relationships between variables to be stored into memory, and looking them up and generating lists of variables that match certain criteria instantly on demand.

File Seeker became a splendid biproduct of an as-of-yet unreleased master-project in an effort to raise funds for the aspiring student. He has no life outside of school and work, and would very much like to change that. In purchasing a license to the program, not only will you have all of your sorting, organizing, and compiling needs met for your cluttered directories, but also the assurance of knowing that Thomas will be a couple dollars closer to being able to spend more time and money experimenting with future projects.


More begging for your business, innit?

I honestly didn't know what to swap the template image out with

I honestly didn't know what to swap the template image out with

Unlike how you feel listening to one of the numerous begathons on VCPR or picking up on the use of an unnecessary simile or cultural reference, I truly hope File Seeker will supply you satisfaction in knowing that since you've come so far as to investigate a file manager application like this, the clutter on your desktop has made you reach a point of desperation.

For the creators, the developers, and the people who store everything and just can't let go, now you can search through your old files in seconds. File Seeker allows you to generate playlists of files matching specified criteria on-demand. Before you start clicking through folder after folder again, just search it up with File Seeker and save yourself the time.

It's likely you've already gotten a sense of what this program does by now, but the additional text helps this basic website feel fuller than it really is, and that's what matters. Also, File Seeker has only been out for a short time and is not very well known, so the text helps add an extra layer of professionalism.

In summary, I'm pretty sure anyone will find this program to be very useful, and I don't feel like I'm charging much for it. I would be happy to make a profit from my hard work and I think you would be happy to use it as well. If it is still really too much for you, send me an email and I might shoot you a license for free, maybe. I can be pretty sensible.

This project is still in development and will make many large advances in the future. I tried to debug the app as much as I could, and it runs pretty well as far as I can see, but I'm sure with continuous releases I will impress you sooner or later. ;)